Tuesday 21 July 2015

Stud Work At An Office Refit

I've been doing lot's of stud work at a office conversion I've been working on during the weekends. I've put some big walls up, around 12m long and 3m high. 

I do love doing a job like this, a nice big area to work in, plenty of timber and lots to get my teeth into. Lots more work from this job to come! 

Thursday 2 July 2015

Boarding Up Stairways

I've taken on an office refurb in Malvern that involves lots of stud walls and timber work. My first job was to board up a few stair wells that were no longer needed. 
A fairly straight forward job but one that needed to be done first to make the area safe to work in. 
Joist added

Way in to the cellar to be boarded up

New beam and joists added

finished boarded 

Lots more pictures from this job to come - I've got plenty to do there, sorry these aren't that interesting!
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