Wednesday 14 September 2022

Small Systainer Sized Router Table

This is a project that will be in woodworking crafts issue 78 but while making the project I also made a video showing my thought process and how came up with it all. 


Tuesday 4 January 2022

52 Weeks of Carving - Year end

 Well I certainly didn't keep up with the blog! That's for sure! But I did carve every week of the year except the weeks holiday we had in the summer. 

My trouble with blogging every week came as I started to write for a few woodworking magazines. I can't really share the pictures for my articles on here and have them published in a magazine so I concentrated on getting my words in print. It's been a wonderful experience and has worked brilliantly with what I do here. 

This series of blog posts started out with the best of intentions and making myself carve every week has been brilliant experience for me, my skill level seems (to me at least) to have shot up. I now look at a bit of letter carving as something easy to do and add to a project, and love carving flowers, even selling one of my carved toolboxes just before Christmas as well as knowing I can make what's in my minds eye if I want to. 

I think carving will carry on being part of my skill set and the way I make my living making big bits of wood smaller, it's great way to add value to the things I make and always a part of the project I enjoy.

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