Saturday 24 May 2014

Cupboard Remodelling

This is a few days work from back in March remodelling a cupboard and creating a new one after a new fire place and flue had been fitted.
Boxing in the flue. I used fire board on the inside just "to be sure" even though the timbers were all outside the distances allowed to the flue

The other cupboard in the kitchen is above the fire place in the living room (if that makes sense...)

Simple MDF doors made on site to match what's already there

Boarded out, trim added and shelf fitted.

The finished cupboard

The othe cupboard finished. I also think that with this one I must hold some sort of record for the fastest hung door...

Wednesday 14 May 2014

10m Green Oak Conservatory

A larger than normal conservatory I'm sure you'll agree! 10m long using planned green oak, the majority of the frame was built in the workshop by the joiner and then we've erected it on site and cut the roof on.

 Trusses to support the purlins in the roof

 The hexagonal part of the frame - tricky to install!
 All the roof beams are exposed so we had to be accurate with our cuts otherwise they'd always show up. The valley wasn't even on a 45 degree angle so all the usual books and workings were no good to us!
 Another tricky detail dealing with the termination of the purlin into the valley. No detail provided by the architect so we had to make it up on site, we were quite pleased with the result
 The hips on the hexagonal section of roof proved to be tricky due to the angles.
But they look really good from underneath.

A really interesting project and not of a type we get to do very often. 
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