Saturday, 30 August 2014

Scribing Shelves

The other day I had to scribe a shelf to go on top of a plastered wall to mark the transition between that wall and the stone wall above. 
A well scribed shelf!
That meant scribing it to the stone work. 
I use a pair of compasses to mark mine, setting it to the widest point and then marking the board from there before cutting it with the jigsaw. As I work on old buildings a lot, it's a job I have to do quite often so over the years it's become easier and easier - although I challenge anyone to get it right first time!


  1. Good job, makes for a neat transition form the clean,lines to the rustic stone.

    1. It was a nice way to make a feature of the transition

  2. Really neat,
    I wouldn't want to try it...

    1. You'd be fine at it - It's just keeping the compass square to the way and under cutting the cut really.


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