Saturday, 16 August 2014

Fitting An Oak Stairs With Winders

an interesting job this week where some of the guys I work with and myself fitted a flight of oak stairs in an old property.
Flight in place and starting to get glued and pegged together

Fitting the winding treads

You can never have too much glue when putting together a flight of stairs!

Glue blocks added to stop any squeaks!

Ready for some handrail and spindles

The finished item!

Landing upstairs 

 It took a little longer than we expected but they went in well and looked great when we were finished. I think it's a full year since the last time I fitted any stairs so it's good to keep the skills in my mind.


  1. What a neat project. Ours around here are done differently. We typically have three structural stringers. One middle and two sides supporting the treads and risers. The side skirting is only decoration added afterwards were as yours are structural.

    1. Yeah, I've got an american book on stairs and there's no way I'd get away with doing it over here as it's not the "norm". that said I'd love to try making them like that as it looks really interesting and could be done on site rather than in a workshop.

  2. Thanks Kev. We had the carpenter make stairs for us when the builders were building the house. Unfortunately the stairs creak. Now I know how to remedy that :)

    Now, can you tell me how to secure the bottom post - ours is coming loose... ;)

    1. Big screws! and maybe some more glue, but mechanical fixings are really the only way you can go now it's fitted. It's difficult to say without seeing it. If you book me a flight I'll come have a look!

  3. The old farm house where I was raised had a narrow, steep winding back staircase with a turn at the bottom.

    1. I was always told if you had to have winders then the house was poorly designed or too small! These weren't too steep and they're a good width but I've been in plenty of houses where they really are step and wind at the top and bottom, I bet it makes getting furniture in and out a nightmare in a house like that.


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