Saturday 30 August 2014

Scribing Shelves

The other day I had to scribe a shelf to go on top of a plastered wall to mark the transition between that wall and the stone wall above. 
A well scribed shelf!
That meant scribing it to the stone work. 
I use a pair of compasses to mark mine, setting it to the widest point and then marking the board from there before cutting it with the jigsaw. As I work on old buildings a lot, it's a job I have to do quite often so over the years it's become easier and easier - although I challenge anyone to get it right first time!

Saturday 23 August 2014

Cupboard In A Cellar

Last week I build a cupboard in a cellar for a customer. They left it largely up to me on what I built, it was mainly to hide the gas meter and the water filter to make it all look a bit more presentable as they're selling trying to sell the house.
Frame work in - made harder by the fact I couldn't drill any holes in the walls due to the tanking. Instead I wedged all the pieces in place and used a frame fixing foam.

Adding WBP ply to the outside

Adding kitchen hinges on the doors

The finished cupboard - looks much smarter now

The large door gives easy access to the gas meter and to to the water filter

Saturday 16 August 2014

Fitting An Oak Stairs With Winders

an interesting job this week where some of the guys I work with and myself fitted a flight of oak stairs in an old property.
Flight in place and starting to get glued and pegged together

Fitting the winding treads

You can never have too much glue when putting together a flight of stairs!

Glue blocks added to stop any squeaks!

Ready for some handrail and spindles

The finished item!

Landing upstairs 

 It took a little longer than we expected but they went in well and looked great when we were finished. I think it's a full year since the last time I fitted any stairs so it's good to keep the skills in my mind.

Friday 8 August 2014

I've Got The Van Sign Written

I've finally got around to having the van sign written!

I'm pleased with the result. What does everyone think?
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