Thursday, 28 December 2017

Reading Pods

I've had great fun over the last few days on my Facebook Page trying to get people to guess what I was making by showing them the following picture. 
I had about thirty people guessing until one lady came up with the right answer - a reading nook.
This is a commission I'm building for my daughters new school which they go into in the new year (it's really exciting for them and me!).
The idea was to have some standard book shelves then some little reading pods for them to curl up into. There's also going to be a tree but I've no idea how I'm going to build that yet! 
I'm building it out of MDF as it keep cost down (I'm on a very tight budget) but also takes a finish really well if there's no edges.
 It's not something I've ever built before so it took a bit of thinking about and a few trials using my eldest daughter to test for size!

 The pictures below show a "dry" assembly, with no glue. It'll be too heavy for me to move if I assemble it here unfortunately so it'll have to be put together at the school after Christmas.
  I'm really pleased with how it turned out and looks. There will be trim on all the corners and a fascia around the pentagon to hide cut edges of the MDF
Hopefully this will be the perfect size as well and nice and cosy when there's a few cushions in there! I've built two of these units and I'm really looking forward to getting them in, they're currently on flat packed on the floor of the extension. Some nice colours will really make them stand out as well.

I'm hopeful the kids will like them as well!

This certainly isn't a job I'm going to make much (or any really) money on but I love the idea of building something for the local school and my children will see them everyday and think "My dad built them!"

I've got some benches to build and a big tree yet so it could be interesting trying to come up with interesting ideas for those as well!

Friday, 22 December 2017

A Little Kitchenette

A phone call a few weeks ago from one of my regular customers "I've got a hour or so work for you if you're in town in the next week or so... Just cut a hole in a worktop".
Not quite! It was to fit a whole kitchenette. It doesn't look much but there's a lot of work involved. Fixing the units, scribing the side panels, cutting the plinth, cutting the worktop, door handles, etc! I really wish I'd brought my lunch to this job! 

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Making 4 Panel 1950's Doors

I'm managing to find a bit of time to work on the extension at the moment, One thing I wanted to do was to make some doors for the up stairs. 

Now it would be far easier to buy off the shelf ones but I decided that I'd like to have some 1950's door to match the age of the house. I'm not a purest when it comes to these sort of things but I've always liked these utilitarian style of door. Making them myself means they won't cost much money but take a bit of time! 
 I ordered the joinery time on the phone, a little pile like this is enough to make six doors and a few other bits and bobs.
 All planned up, creates a lot of shavings!
 I made the first door on it's own, which gave me chance to make a rod to make marking up the the rest of them quick and easy.
 There is also a cupboard door that is an odd size, built int eh same style it looks quite cool I think!
I used Festool domino joinery to make these doors, which is loose tennons you glue into both sides of the wood.
 This meant I could batch cut all the mortises in one go.
Having a few routers helps on a job like this! It means I don't have to change bit and reset it every five minutes! 
 I assembled the doors in the extension, I have a bit of space in there to work!

 The door assembled and sanded down - the ply panels are from two sheets! Can you tell?
Six doors made in total, including the cupboard door.

First coat of paint on the door - Two undercoats then a satin wood to finish. I'm really excited to get these hung this weekend! I think they're going to look pretty smart!

What do you think?

Do you like this style door?
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