Saturday 13 September 2014

Altering The Layout Of A House

A friend and customer of mine does drawings for a living (in fact he did the drawings for my own extension), so I wasn't surprised when I went to do some work on his hous and there wasn't a single drawing to look at! We were completely changing the layout of the upstairs of his house. the upstairs was two bedrooms, a lot of landing space and an airing cupboard. 
New hole into the second bedroom
 He decided that by creating the access to the second bedroom off the stairs he could then use all the landing space and a small amount in the bedroom to create a new bathroom upstairs. It's difficult to explain what he's done without seeing a floor plan but it really works well and makes much better use of space.
An area in the second bedroom where the bath was going to go

handrail and airing cupboard to be removed

New steps built. A job like this takes a surprising amount of time as it's a really fiddly job to do!

Staring to build the bulkhead over the stairs to form the new bathroom and make the most of that space over the stairs that's often wasted.

New door way into the second bedroom, brought out into the room to allow for the steps the other side of the door. I hung the door before plastering or plasterboard so it could just be removed when the plasterer comes and refitted afterwards (saves me a repeat visit)

Studwork for the bath ready to be boarded.
Dan was really pleased with how much I got done in two days, especially considering how much thinking was involved to make sure everything was in the right place and making the best use of space. 
By using someone to redesign the layout of your house it's surprising how much better it can make a house flow and I'd say you'd also add a lot of value as well. His website is here and I really recommend him for any drawing work you need.

Saturday 6 September 2014

Oak Trellis

Some oak trellis for a customer fitted during the end of August.
Fitted between brick piers 

The panels scribed in to the brickwork giving a really nice finish

The finished panels oiled up

Blending in well with the garden
I was really pleased with the way that these looked when they were fitted. They really worked well in the garden and the customer was really happy with them. 
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