Thursday 27 December 2012

Throwing Axe!

I've been spoilt again this year (like always) and got loads of presents - far more than I probably deserve.
One of the wood related presents I got was a throwing axe, along with other things I'll blog about later. This was from my brother who also got himself one so we could have a bit of fun together.
Light weight Tomahawk
 On boxing day we went out into the orchard and threw them at a large poplar butt Dave had felled earlier in the year. To say it took us a little while to get our eye in would be an understatement -put it this way I wouldn't have wanted to stand behind the target! But once we did we were managing to get them to stick into the wood quite often.
Couldn't hit a barn door at... Oh wait you did!

Tomahawk - bit of fun
I feel that there will be many brotherly competitions coming up!
We're also both booked to attend an axe course (not throwing axes though) towards the end of January with Survival School (who we've done bush craft courses with in the past) and I'm really looking forward to it, although we're camping so I hope we have some dry weather. It should be a great opportunity to learn more about axes and how to use them.
Now I just need to make a target big enough so I can't miss it!
What wood related presents did everyone else get? (I'm sure Brian must have something...)


  1. Yes guilty! Mrs Brian gave me the one mans wilderness dvd which is not directly a tool. But it is a feast of cabin building and woodworking set in the wilds of Alaska, so I'm well chuffed :)

    1. That sounds up my street! My wife is careful not to get too many things lke that or she thinks I'd be off!

  2. Replies
    1. We have so far and we've still got all our fingers!

  3. Lucky that you didn't get the tomahawk boomerang combo!
    It does look like fun though.

    1. I like it! Not sure that would catch on though, not very much repeat custom anyway!


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