Wednesday 11 January 2012

How to fit a Door Closer

Or more to the point, how to fit 40 door closers.

I think I've got it down to a fine art now. The tricky bit is removing the old perko door closer (door closers are fitted here due to building regulations and stopping the path of a fire - not sure if you guys have the same rules in the states) these are fitted in the back edge of the door, sprung loaded and can be nasty if your finger gets caught. I've been using a pair of needle nosed mole grips (you'll get them back dad I promise) to hold the chain while I take out the screws (many have had to be drilled out due to the last carpenter rounding off the heads). When I release the mole grips it snaps together and makes you wince at the thought of your finger being in there (or at the height they're fitted at something worse)!

Then I fit a new overhead door closer (the setting out measurements are forever in my head 68mm, 105mm, 16m, 46mm) pretty easy things to fit if you read the instructions and use the templates - practice makes you faster.

Later I've got to drop back and repair all the doors where the perkos were, but access in a hotel can be a problem and it does hold me up a bit when rooms aren't available. Still the chamber maids are a good laugh and not many carpentry jobs you can wear a t-shirt in January.

Sorry if this is a boring post!


  1. Not a boring post at all bread and better stuff.
    What you need is a little metal plate which slips between the links on the chain. You normally get one with each perko . brilliant little things .

  2. Thanks for your comment,
    Yeah, I didn't have that little bit of metal as I was just taking the perkos out so never had a new box. Still the mole grips have worked so far - but I'm careful of my fingers incase it slips!

  3. I agree - not boring at all! Did you know you can buy a whole new perko (or AA45) for £1.97 + P&P + VAT and it will come with the little metal plate. IKWYM about the strong force of the spring, no wonder they slam so bad!

  4. Hi Shop girl, The trouble with using that metal strip when removing the door closer is that its difficult to take it out without catching your fingers as normally it would be attached to the door and frame and under tension. With the mole grips I just take all the screws out of the closer, release the grips and look away. Then chuck the old one in the bin before I patch up the holes and fit the new closer over head.
    Thanks for looking

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