Saturday 21 January 2012

Hang That Door

A light week for work (for what I hope are obvious reasons) but I did go and finish a job I started last week, changing 6 doors over.

I removed some tired looking flush doors that had been filled one too many times and replaced them with some new 6 panel moulded doors supplied by the customer. I chipped away at the layers of paint on the hinges and had the old doors off in no time, but then the fun began.

The linings (frames) were all different shapes and nowhere near level or even straight. This made the job a much longer process as I basically had to scribe each door to fit each frame.

To make matters worse the doors supplied (naming no names - B&Q) must have been stacked on a pile of bananas as they were completely warped out of shape ("Oh yes we've had a lot come back" - they said). You might have to open the picture to see how bad.

I added an extra hinge to each door and made sure they were fixed firmly so hopefully they will pull back into shape (they were all working sweetly by the time I left). When I finished hanging them I chopped in all the locks and loose fitted the handles.

Then to make sure the doors wouldn't warp due to atmospheric change (heating) I gave each a coat of primer, helping the customer get that bit closer to finishing.

Off to hopefully finish the job on the hotel tomorrow (yes a Sunday!) as very few bookings mean good access to rooms.


  1. Hey Kev my house has similar openings, a new door makes a big difference to a room. Hope that Evalyn and Mrs Kev are doing fine :)

  2. Alright Brian,
    Yeah Mum and Baby are doing well although not much sleep last night!
    The new doors certainly changed the appearance of the old bungalow these pictures were taken in.
    The house we've just brought has got different doors in as well (some 6 panel and some 1950's four panel) but they will have to stay the same for a while - although I did take one of the 1950's doors off and hang it so it opened out into the landing rather than into the room. The wood it's made from is the most sweet smelling cedar ever!


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