Friday 25 June 2021

Furniture And Cabinet Making Magazine

 I have written for a few magazines now, one with a monthly slot about smallholding machinery, but I've always wanted to write for a wood working magazine. When I was an apprentice I'd buy big stacks of second hand wood working magazines and take them to read at break time - fair to say I was a little obsessed! 

For me the one magazine that seems more like one you'd keep on the shelf was Furniture And Cabinet Making Magazine so I was really excited when they asked me to write a piece on my workbench with the carving on the front. It's in the current issue number 299

I had great fun writing a article for them and even ended up carving a fresh piece of strapwork for the photos (shows I should always take more. 

The article ran to 6 pages and it's been great to see my work in there. Hopefully this will lead to some more writing work and tie it to my trade, I've already had another accepted for a different woodworking magazine so watch this space! 


  1. Congratulations. There really is nothing quite like seeing your work and writing in published print is there? Social media is one thing but being invited to contribute to something with a particular audience is a special recognition.

    1. Thabk your! I was really excited to have it in print and in this magazine in particular. When it came it came on the same day as my regular one I write for country smallholding so I felt like quite the writer!
      Hopefully there will be some more articles soon in another woodworking magazine!


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