Sunday 5 June 2011

Bit of Roof Work from a few years ago

I was looking through some old photos the other day and I came across a roof that Andy and me did back in 2005/2006. This was a lovely old barn that we were there to convert and we saw it through from start to finish, in fact this was a barn i used to play in as a kid as it's only a few miles from where I grew up. Andy still works for the firm who we did this through, they were a great little firm to work for.
When we started this roof I was a bit more daunted than Andy (or he didn't let it show) as the one side had a massive run where three full lengths of timber had to be used for the rafters, being birds mouthed onto purlins and the angle of the one side of the roof made things even more complicated. As well as this when we got there we had to brush the snow off the scaffold! I remember being dogged by bad weather and hiding under blue sheets out of the rain, the yard in front of the barn had a puddle that was over a foot deep! When we got the rafters on it was a great feeling, made slightly worse by the fact that we had to then felt, batten and tile the whole thing.
The tiling started in the new year and here I learnt a valuable lesson about work. We were tiling in the snow, wrapped up against the elements, and I started to feel bad, so bad in fact I had to go home early and take the next day off (My first ever day off ill). I then felt slightly better and went back to work, I made myself so much worse because I wasn't ready to go back - in the end I nearly gave myself pneumonia and had to have x-rays with fluid on the lungs! Three weeks off in total, for a self employed man this is never good.
Still I bounced back and came back in time to do the larch cladding and the work on the inside with Andy.I loved doing this barn conversion (wish I had more pictures!).
Good times

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