Tuesday 14 June 2011

Sycamore Bowl

At the weekend I made a sycamore bowl from a blank I brought at Yandles a while back. Its the first time I've worked with this wood and it turns really nicely and takes a good finish.

As for work I've been having problems on Summerfield Park. Last Thursday night we got broken into (through the roof) and someone took about half the copper pipework that had been installed. I then spent Friday boarding it up and trying to make it secure, over the weekend they made another hole in the roof and had the rest of the copper away. This cost the firm I'm working for money and delays the project even further.

Then to top it all off my computer got a virus and I had to completely wipe and reinstall everything (not how I like spending my time!).

Still the sun was shinning today and who knows what the rest of the week will bring.


  1. That sort of thing happens in The U.S., too, but less so in rural areas where it would be more likely that someone making a return would be met with buckshot.

  2. I afraid the law in England is such that I would be the one who went to prison if I was to shoot him. In fact If he hurt himself as he broke in I would probably be sued if there wasn't a sign warning of the danger!


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