Thursday 14 July 2011

Something A Little Different..

At my last woodturning lesson on Thursday I was challenged by Chris to do something that I don't normally do. "Don't think square and don't think centred".

Easier said than done with my mind! I went a completely different route cutting a piece of beech, leaving the bark on then having a play on the lathe. I even got out the acrylic paints and the blow torch. I know their not to everyone's taste but it was interesting making them and quite addictive once I got going. It's the first time I've used any paints for pleasure in about 15 years! And a blow torch is always good fun to use, although I'm extra careful with all the shavings in my workshop.

I finished the backs off by leaving a tooled edge with my new Arbotech type grinder disc, which leaves a surprisingly clean finish, and fixing a small mirror hook to mount it with. Like I said I don't think these are every one's cup of tea (especially people who read this blog) but it's interesting to try out new techniques and styles.

I've also made a couple of work holding devices for the lath, both to help finish off work and remove evidence of how the wood was held on the lathe. The first is a floor polishing mop trimmed up and mounted to some MDF. This will allow me to press the piece being worked into backing and turn away the waste without damaging the inside, idea for platters and shallow bowls.

The second is for the same purpose but different shaped pieces, This is just MDF glued, clamped up and then turned down to the right shape. With the addition of a sponge between the MDF and the bowl it should work great holding the piece firm.

Anyone else make up bits and bobs like this for work holding on the lathe?


  1. I would never put them on MY wall and yet...... I like them. So will some other folks who WOULD put them on their wall.

  2. Not everyone who is reading your blog is a woodworker! I see a lot f similarities between wood turning and pottery, but mostly I just enjoy reading about making things. I love the attention to detail and level of care you put into your work. :)


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