Thursday 4 August 2011

Tulipwood platter

After all my experimenting last week I thought I'd just turn something a little more traditional this week. I brought a nice big plank of "tulipwood" (sounds so much nicer than poplar) as I know it's quite soft and would be good for me to practice on.
It's quite easy to turn although it does have a habit of tearing the grain if your tools aren't really sharp, the whole piece has a greenish tinge to it (my wife thought I'd added it) but I think its a good low cost wood to practice my skills on and make some quite nice pieces with in the process.
I finished the platter with a few coats of walnut oil but it will have a few more before I find it a new home.
You here so many people tell you poplar its good for nothing I'd love to hear what other people use it for as I think its quite an attractive wood.


  1. In early America, poplar was used for anything that contacted food or drinking water (bowls, mugs, canteens,wooden buckets, kitchen utensils, etc.) as it imparts no flavor.

  2. Its a nice piece, We used to cut poplar into christmas tree blocks on the Estate I worked on 5000 every December .It nice to see it used to make something decent :)

  3. Cheers guys,
    Gorges - it would be good for everyday use for food because as well as what you mentioned it's really light. I I've got quite a bit of this wood left so I'll be making it with food uses in mind.
    Brian - 5000 Christmas tree blocks does not sound like fun work! At least it kept you warm in December!


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