Thursday 15 December 2011

Dormer Window

I went back to the "Complicated Little Roof" today to fit the roof on the dormer window.
It was no easier than the rest of the roof as the drawings were next to useless and the customer wanted it different to how it was shown anyway. Once we'd worked out what overhang he wanted (it's different to the rest of the dormers on the house as it sticks out from the brickwork) I managed to get the rafters and ridge board up and then cut the long compound mitres on the jack rafters (which fitted first time - to my surprise!).
I've got a day left on this roof when the next window turns up, I just hope the weather is as dry as it was today (although maybe not as cold). The main downside today was I had to put my tools away in the dark!


  1. You guys still practice old-fashioned carpentry over there. Over here, most guys (myself included) would be up against it to figure out a compound miter. And that includes many so-called carpenters.

  2. Hey Alviti I posted a couple of video's that you and your brother might like take a look if you get time :)


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