Monday 22 April 2013

Log Store

A friend has been asking me for weeks to come and help him build a log store against his fence. I finally found time this weekend so managed to get it done.
Frame work up
 It's a simple construction with three 4x4 posts concreted into the ground. They're notched to support the top rail then braced to stop it from moving. The back support is fixed into the rail for the fence on the other side, we also left this long and fixed it to two large fence posts to give it extra support.
For the roof I cut rafters then we clad it with ply before adding the battens to take the slates. Maybe a little over kill but at least we know its plenty strong enough and wont move.

Roof on and posts concreted
This is ideally suited infront of the house and when he clads the sides it will make a great a place to store his timber. He wanted it building at this time of year because he likes to buy firewood split but unseasoned and seasons it himself as it works out cheaper.
Slatted and looking quite smart
I know he was pleased with it becuase the next day he text me a picture of the store with the slates on looking rather smart!
I could do with something like this at my house!


  1. hope you tarred the bottom of the posts before you put them in...

    1. Not something we do over here. Probably need a licence to use tar!

  2. Thats a very nice log store well done Kev:)

  3. Wow Kevin, that looks way too nice for storing firewood. Absolutely beautiful :)


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