Thursday 11 April 2013

Oak Flooring

We finished laying some oak flooring in the small downstairs cloakroom this week.
 The flooring is an engineered board with solid oak on the top and bottom and pine (grain running in the other direction) in between these two layers. It was easy to lay, although I'm not a big fan of the adhesive we used as it's like trying to work with treacle! It's still all over my hammer and anything else that got near it!
Other than that the floor can be treated like any other solid oak floor, the top layer of oak is thick enough to be sanded and it will take any finish that's required. It was a top grade of oak so it contained very few knots or blemishes and looked great as we put it down.
The week before we also finished laying the floor in the kitchen, as the units are being fitted over the next couple of weeks.
I'll post more pictures of the finished floor at a later date.


  1. Interesting, once again contrasting with this side of the pond, In 30 plus years of this sort of work I have never come across a glued down engineered wood floor. On a cement slab like yours, here it would be done as a snap lock floating floor over a 3 mm foam. I have never come across wide single plank look like that here either. Looks good.

    1. In truth this is the first engineered floor that I've glued down but it was all in line with the instructions! I've glued plenty of solid oak in the past but none like this, it looks like good stuff though, and a kitchen is goignto sit on some of it.
      As for the wide boards we had to use them to match up with the boards in the living room, which this floor carries on from. I used boards this wide before but with solid oak there is normally some groves to prevent cupping in the back.


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