Saturday 23 March 2013

Dog Box

One of the lads at work wanted me to make him a dog box. This is a box that is kept in the back of your truck to keep your dog in, it's mainly for working dogs and the smaller space means they can warm up much faster after a days shooting, it also keeps the rest of the vehicle clean.
All the sides cut to size
It's built to fit his vehicle so the back had to be sloping to fit tight against his back seats and make the most of the space available. I started making it a couple of weekends ago when the weather was nice. I have to do this at the moment as I have nowhere else to make it.
Alfresco carpentry!
 I cut all the ply pieces first then joined them using a 25mm batten screwed and glued into all the corners. I used 12.5mm ply for the panels as it's strong enough but it will also mean you'd be able to lift it on your own.
The basic carcase made up
Today I made the front frame using some 25mm x 75mm PSE. I rebated the edges so the wire would sit flush with the outside using my little Bosch router.
Just hinges and beads left to finish it.
I've still got to add some trim to hold the wire in place and fix on the hinges before its finished but it's almost there. This would have been much easier to make if I had a workshop or a covered space to work but I'll just have to wait for that!


  1. Dog boxes! Mine sit up in front with me in the cab of the truck. When I park it up I just leave the windows open so any rain washes the seats off for me. It gets pretty messy during the dry season. My missus got really snotty with me when she wanted a lift and I told her to climb in the back so the dogs now know that if Marcia is riding with me, they're loose in the back and she rides up front. The only problem with that is if they (the dogs, not Marcia) see a wild pig or a bush buck, they WILL jump out the back and chase it. But that's OK, they always find their own way home.

    1. Bit different over here. With the amount of wet weather the smell of "eau de wet dog" is quite hard to get rid of, so I can understand that he wants to keep them out the front. Also if they go shooting all day and have a shoot lunch (with port noramlly) then if they're shut inside one of these boxes they can keep warm much easier and dry out faster.
      Dads dog is a bit like your only it wont even jump in the landrover dad has to pick here up and place her in (with me she jumps in as she knows I'll go without her otherwise). and when she's wet she'll sit on dads seat to dry off then move on to hers!

  2. Hi Kev, I love the bookshelves below . . . they are beautiful!
    I can see a use for the dog box, but it would not work with our little Butchy . . . he likes going in the truck so that Steve can drive and my hands can be scratching him behind the ears, LOL.
    I know that you are a follower of Steve's blog, but I just wanted to invite you to come over and get your name in the hat for the $25 Amazon gift card drawing and to check out his new project. It's going to take a huge amount of elbow grease, but that is something we have plenty off, LOL.
    Have a lovely day.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  3. Hi Did you only use one sheet of wbp 12.5 only I want to make something similar for my dog and wondered how many sheets you cut the panels from.

    Many thanks Rich

  4. Hi nice work I am inspired by your dog box I want to make my own to and was wondering did it just take on sheet of ply to make?

    Many thanks.


    1. I think I made it from just over a sheet of ply, but it depends on the size of the van/car/truck as each will be different.

    2. Thanks for the reply, I have been busy on a flooring/ tiling job in an extension/refurb cottage and have not had time to replyo r even start to draw up the sizes for the dog box.


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