Saturday 2 March 2013

Vanity Unit

Started to build a vanity unit this week.
A fairly simple design, I just building a desk type unit in an alcove (which I'll later add doors to) and a shelving unit above.
Routing the housings to hold the shelves
 For the shelving unit I housed in all the shelves using the little Bosch router. This was the only way of doing it as the unit had to be assembled in it final place, as things like architrave being in the way prevented me from lifting it in as one. Also housing the shelves in makes the unit much stronger than just being screwed.
There will be doors fitted on the bottom section
 This was all made out of sapele again. Still not my favourite wood in the world, but it's a strong hardwood and ideal if it's going to be painted like this is.
A solid set of shelves

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