Sunday 30 September 2012

Stud Work On A Farm

Finished the first stage of a local job yesterday on a farm house. To build a new downstairs toilet as the old one was too small- in fact it was only a couple of feet wide!
The room all stripped out and ready for me to start
 I managed to convince the customer to allow me to decided the height of the ceiling as where he wanted it my head would have been brushing against it the whole time, but was where the old one was. Having it higher meant the room would feel bigger and it also gave me a great fixing for the ceiling on top of the brick wall at the back.
Stud work up
I got the stud work up quite fast once I'd insulated the slopping ceiling, then I installed the ceiling joists, making sure the plasterboard would be supported all the way round.

Ceiling in to provide some storage above
The customer did make me laugh when I was doing the insulating (I'm sure he wont mind me saying why). I accidentally brushed one of his wires he had tapped up out the way with my elbow, a loud bang with a big spark followed, I shouted him over and showed him what had happened
"Good job you never made a hole in that pipe when the wires touched it." He said dryly
"How about - good job you never killed me!" I replied
 He smiled as he spoke "Yeah, that as well..."

Door linings in and the wall plaster boarded ready to be skimmed
The last couple of jobs were uneventful just to plasterboard the walls and install the lining for the door and loft hatch. Making sure the studding was dead level and plumb when I built it meant that installing the lining was a quick job.
Taking the plasterer to see the job today and hopefully finish it all off fairly soon.
How did everyone else spend their Saturday?

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