Sunday 26 May 2013

Wood Panelling An Arch

The last couple of days I've been panelling an archway to look like some of the other doorways in this old farm house. When I got given this job I knew I was going to enjoy it and the finished project was going to look good.
The bare arch. Here I've added the first piece of veneered MDF as the backing

The beginnings of the panelling. Sapele strips added to build up the look of panels and bendy ply added to the curve.

A tricky bit of wood here. This Curved piece had to be laminated out of thin strips then glued up in a jig and left over night

Attaching the beading to the inside of the panels

A thin architrave is added around the outside. I used a laminate trimmer in the router to make this flush with the arch. I then routed the moulding on the inside edge

Kerfing out the back of the beading then adding boiling water to get it to bend around the tight curve
The finished arch with another layer of architrave added around the outside

This curved beading was the hardest part of the whole project but it was worth it for how it looks now it's in!

The finished arch

At the end of today I was really pleased with how it all looked now it's finished. I'm also looking forward to seeing the customers reaction when they come up next week.
All that's needed now is for the painters to give it a coat of paint and hopefully people will think it's an original feature of the house.
I do love being a carpenter!


  1. Nice work, you ought to be proud, you have done a top notch job of it. I wish more jobs of that sort came my way.

    1. Cheer Michael, I've had a good run of nice work lately but like all good things I'm wure it will come to an end soon and I'll be splicing windows before I know it!

  2. Yes Kev great work well done :)


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