Friday 12 December 2014

Galvanised Handrail

I fitted some rather modern looking galvanised handrail this week for a customer.
This type of handrail is normally fitted outside or on more industrial buildings but it works well in this customers modern house and what's better is all the parts are off the shelf helping to keep the costs down.


  1. In our current project of converting an old tobacco drying barn into a home, we've built the stairs, but have yet to decide on a safe balustrade. I'd hoped for something 'industrial' looking, but can't find anything safe enough for a toddler. I'm now leaning towards traditional and wood, unless a miracle comes along.

    1. This was from the so maybe have a look at their products. You could do a handrail like this and buy fixing brackets to infil down to the string line with glass panels maybe?


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