Thursday 16 April 2015

Oak Headboard

Finished an oak headboard for a customer this week. It was a joint project with the customer working with me - not something I normally do but it worked well. 
 We machined the wood from some oak (which we originally thought was pear before we started planing it) that was cut on his land about 15 years ago then stored under cover all that time. 
 It was some knotty stuff but with some lovely figure in some of the wood. When coming up with ideas on what would make an interesting headboard he suggested angled boards laid horizontally and it was a short step to decide to do them vertically with varying angles. 
 The construction was fairly simple as we mounted it all on a sheet of MDF, this gave us a great expanse of surface area.

 Once it was all glued it was trimmed for lengh and a frame added. I don't think I'd attempt this type of construction if I wasn't 100% sure about the moisure of the wood. hopefully there should be no movement from it. 

The head board is tilted back at about 17 degrees
I need to take some better pictures but I'm really pleased with how this one turned out in the end. Something a little bit different but still looks great. 


  1. Nice job. Working with a customer can be a mixed bag. Unless they are qualified, you wind up holding their hand and teaching them how to do thing half the time and that can be frustrating and slows things down. Sounds like you made out alright on this one though.

  2. Looks really good Kev. So how's it actually mounted to the bed then, I don't see any upright post thingy's like they normally have?

  3. Beautiful headboard. I love the angles and different size planks. My husband has just made us a headboard and also angled it rather than it having a vertical back.

  4. I really like this. the angles give it real interest and the colour is really nice. Great job!


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