Sunday 9 August 2015

Battening Out

Worked at my brothers on Friday. We battened out his two external walls so they could be insulated and then plaster boarded. 
 Rather than just fixing them to the wall we levelled them up as well to make a much better job of it. although this takes a lot longer it's worth it in the long run. All the battens have plastic behind them to prevent any damp tracking through the wall. 

My brother now needs to run the pipes to the right places and new wiring run for the sockets before insulating it with 1 inch Kingspan. I'll then come back and give him a hand plaster boarding it ready for the plasterer next month.


  1. Why not just frame a 2x4 wall instead of all the fussy battening? It would give you 4 inches of insulation that way and likely a heck off a lot less fiddling with shims. We rarely see masonry construction here so it is highly unusual that we'd face that sort of situation. I once framed out a 3 car garage and then had the mason come and add a brick wall outside the stick framing to match the original house on the property.

    1. It's all about trying not to loose too much space, houses in the UK are never that big (well nothing we can afford is). So to use 4x2 would take quite a bit outvof the room, although it would be better for insulation. My brother is going to have a wood burner in here and as a tree surgeon has plenty to burn!

  2. Hi, what type and size of timber did you use for battening to the wall? Thanks!


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