Sunday 29 November 2015

Solid Oak Floor

Another solid Oak floor last week. Glued down to concrete, but this time using a Gekko gun and a lot less messy than with a trowel. 
Ready to go down

Cutting station set up with dust extractor

Alex with the oversized gun, my partner in crime on this floor! 

Midway clamp up, always tricky to keep it tight when gluing a floor to concrete

Wedging up the end at the end of the first day, still another room to go

First floor looking good.

Last board to clamp up. with my patented bent bit of metal and clamps set as spreaders

Track saw making ripping easy

cutting under frames so no expansion gaps can be seen in doorways

Between rooms

Second floor nearing the finish

Sanding up, orbital after the big floor sander has finished just to take off the marks left by the drum
More pictures to follow. Managed to do the last bit of sanding today so now it's ready for oiling then I can drop back and do the doors, architraves and skirtings.


  1. That has to be the biggest caulking gun I have ever seen. Such a beast has yet to reach our shores. But then I have yet to hear of a hardwood floor glued down to concrete over here either. I think I'd worry about different rates of expansion. Most over here done over concrete are engineered wood and installed as a floating floor over a foam pad. Over here you don't see oiled wood floors either. All finishes are typically three coats of polyurethane. I do like the dust extractor setup, makes for a clean job site. I installed and finished hardwood floors for about four years straight. Had to give it up as my back could not take it anymore.

    1. It's become really common to glue to concrete here. With this floor there is a bitumen type sealer put down first which will stop any moisture. As for the different rates of expansion normally boards have groves in the bottom to prevent cupping, these are quite narrow though so should be fine. I leave 15mm around all edges so the floor can still move and the glue has a surprising amount of give to it. I think most of the hardwood floors I've done have been concrete but then most ground floors in the UK are concrete, we like things solid!
      Oiled floors are much easier to spot repair if you damage it and it's such a nice finish. I don't think I've ever used a varnish, it's just not a finish that's requested.
      As for your back giving out it would be my knees first, even with pads it starts to hurt after a while. I've got 180 square of prefinished to do before Christmas yet and considering I don't work full time I have no idea when I'm going to do it. I predict some long evenings!


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