Tuesday 12 April 2016

Fitted Wardrobes

Yesterday I went back and put the finishing touches to some fitted wardrobes I'd made for a customer.
The couple wanted something different to suit their needs so I created a "his and hers"  - one side each. 
His side

Her side

Trouser rail
 I was really pleased with how they came out now they're painted and so was the customer. A lovely couple to work for and some really nice work for me!


  1. Love that type of project. They are fun and easy to do by yourself. Haven't had any like that in quite a spell. The slide-out rack is a neat touch.

  2. If you weren't across the Pond, I'd be asking for you to make something like that for me! Oh, but I'd have to wait until after I pay for the new driveway and roof. sigh

  3. Love the wardrobes did they take you long to build. Did you make the drawers and the hanging racks too.

    1. YesI made the lot. It took a while to build. I guess about 6- 7 days in total.


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