Friday 6 September 2019

Simple Clamp Rack

For a long time now I've wanted to increase my number of clamps in the the shop. They seem to be the one limiting factor on large glue ups, and as I was once told you can never have enough!

So using my brothers wholesale account I have upgraded my collection. I talked a few weeks back about clamps and what I'd go for if I was to buy more. In the end I've gone for a good sized set of them.

They are a cheap brand but there's not much to go wrong with a clamp. Some of the castings are a bit out of square on the end but I always put a piece of wood for them to press against anyway.

But with 30 new clamps I needed somewhere to put them. I like having clamps to hand and so they're easy to see what length they are. There is nothing worse than a pile of clamps shoved in a corner and trying to pull one out without the rest falling over!

This jigsaw is over 15 years old. I purchased what was supposed to be a superior one a while back but couldn't get on with it.
 A simple hanging rack was in order. There are lots of plans for these on the internet. Mine was dead simple though. A strip of 3/4" ply (18mm) thick, I then drilled holes slightly wider thean the bar of the clamp evenly across the board. Marked out with a square I then  cut to each hole to make a U shaped notch.

A simple 20 minute job that looks so good when it's done. I had to tek-screw it back to the container as my workshop is metal framed. The ply was also supported on a piece of CLS.

Pretty pleased with my new clamps and they're super easy to access now!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Kev. Thats very true " you can never have enough clamps"
    Where did you buy them from as i am always on the look out for some more clamps.



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