Wednesday 13 January 2021

52 Weeks Of Carving - Week 2 - Tool Box

It's my eldest daughter's birthday at the end of this week and as she loves helping outside and making things we thought it was about time she got some tools of her own. And then she'll need something to carry them in - time to build a tool box! 

I decided that as my daughter loves my wood carvings (she has to, I'm her dad) that I would carve her a design on the sides of the tool box. 

The design I used is one from the wood carving course I'm doing with Chris Pye's woodcarving course. I like it as it's not too overwhelming but works well, on the side of the tool box when I drew it out. 

An old pine shelf for the ends and some poplar for the sides with a birch ply base. 

All rebated and ready to carve. 

I've become very aware that with these low relief  carvings that the setting out is the biggest part of it! Takes quite a while to set it all up but makes it so much easier through out the rest of the carving if it's done right at the start. 

Also work holding is super important - Easy to knock something together with some scrap MDF and folding wedges  - It does feel like I could do with a slightly higher workbench at times though. 

Lining out

I love how these types of carving are lots of processes done in order - quite important as I was doing this carving 4 times on the tool box! 

I'm in love with this little chisel, a very slight gouge and takes an awesome edge. 

The finished carvings! I think doing repetitive carving like this is great practice for me.   

Assembly of the box - the key is always lots of clamps! 

A simple finish of boiled linseed oil.

I enjoyed carving this and I can't wait to see how my daughter reacts when she sees it! 

What do you think?


  1. VERY nice. The BOTH of you should be proud of it!

    1. Thanks! I'll find out soon if she likes it!

  2. We would all love you to be our dad, what a super gift.

    1. Thank you! That's a lovely thing to say! Remember I only share the good bits though!

  3. Good job. We're enjoying following your carving journey.

    1. Thank you! I'll try to keep posting! I might have to do catch ups sometimes as I know what I'm like and this lockdown isn't helping massively as not having as much time to myself as I'm used to!


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