Sunday 8 August 2021

52 Weeks Of Carving - Week 29 - Woodcarving Magazine!

 Super excited to see one of my projects in Issue 182 of Woodcarving magazine! 

I made this projects a few months ago and wrote the article. But it was extra great to see it on the first page of the magazine on the welcome to the issue page! 

I really enjoyed writing this article, I found it an enjoyable process writing step by step way through the project. I also love the plans they drew for the project - To get that from the sketch I scribbled down is some skill! 

Hopefully I have a project in the next issue as well! 


  1. That must be a resl buzz. Seeing it in hard print is still somehow more thrilling and affirming than publishing digitally.

    1. Oh yeah I love it. With my smallholding articles I think I'm up to nearly 40 published now, but loving doing the carpentry and carving ones - always been a dream of mine!


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