Saturday 26 February 2011

I might give my tool box a wash...

The second half of this week I was back on the Gypsies site putting fascia and soffit on. This is a job that can take just as long as putting up the roof, all the rafters have to be cut and battens and noggins added to carry the UPVC.
On Thursday the sun was shinning (first day this year where I haven't worn a hat!) and things were looking good. That was until I got my toolbox out of the van, turned my back on it for a second, only to turn back round and see the bricklayer's dog piss on it!
I was unimpressed.
I was even more unimpressed when the Gypsies dog decided that he to needed to mark his territory as well and copied the first. The trouble was everyone else on site thought this was really rather funny, I told them I was laughing on the outside but crying inside! Never mind, I'll give it a scrub today and plot my revenge on the two devil dogs!

Back to the soffit - I'm not a fan of plastic, least of all when its trying to look like something else, but this oak effect UPVC looked quite like oak!
Fitting the soffit seemed like a never ending job, especially when we had to scribe it all round the corbeling above the windows, and each piece is only 300mm wide so the long sides of the house took a fair amount of time to nail up. By the end of Friday we had all the soffit complete and some of the longer lengths of fascia were up - John will have to finish on his own on Monday as I'm off working with my brother, felling trees, should be a bit different!

1 comment:

  1. The washing of the toolbox would be a good move.
    At least it a box and not the canvas bags of yesteryear! The plastic wood does look real in a shiny way ,next week start barking :)


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