Saturday 1 October 2011


Well this week I had to take my CSCS test again as my current card is going to expire.
To work on a building site (not on a private job) you now have to carry a CSCS card which is supposed to mean you have basic understanding of health and safety on site and the card also displays your trade and the level you are qualified to.

It's a funny test as most of the multiple choice questions are obvious but there are one or two to catch you out. A few half hours spent reading the book normally ensures that you wont fail but there are a few questions that raise a smile with there stupidity, like this one:

Q: To help keep rats away everyone on site should:

A: buy rat traps and put them around site

B: ask the local authority to put down rat poison

C: Bring a large cat to site

D: not leave scraps of food lying about

I think bringing a large cat to site would work best but I don't think its the answer they're looking for!

Anyway I passed so now I can renew my card for another 5 years (and my supervisors card next year) and keep working on the larger building sites.


  1. I understand the desire for having qualified help, but mostly, such things are more about taxes and control.

  2. Dont get me started! this is just that - a tax. I opnly do it because I have to but it proves nothing except I can pass a multiple guess test. I can soon see if someone can do the job or not when they turn up on site. I can normally tell just by looking at their tools and how they look at the job I've got for them!
    The company that runs the tests isn't even British, its American, so I doubt we're even benefiting from it as an industry!

  3. The CSCS test is relatively a simple one and will be easy to clear for people who have some experience in this field. The test is an online multiple choice health and safety test which can be taken in various centres in and around UK.


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