Sunday 30 October 2011

Jobs at Home

Well I know its always the way, but I have a habbit of putting off jobs at home (the cobblers childred always go bare foot and all). But this year I've been a little better. I fitted a new front door about a month or so ago which makes the house look much smarter in post box red - although I didn't take any pictures (which is unsual for me) It only took me four years to get round to it!

And this week we've had a new boiler fitted, major expense but the other one was so old I'm sure it was costing a fortune in gas. This weekend I had to fix the floor boards back down and I've decided to replace the skirting as its been painted so many times and looks really rough, I'm also going to replace the back door (the only bit of the house that isn't double glazed) and a new door on the much emptier airing cupboard, also going to box all the pipes and wires in with MDF. Should fill a few evenings!

Is there any jobs you've been putting off for years that you should start?


  1. I've got loads of work that needs done around my place. Unfortunately, when I come home from work, my wife always tells me to get her out of the house before she goes crazy. Then, when we pull back into the driveway (much) later, she often starts complaining about me not doing anything around the place. I'm trying to drop back to part time at work for a while to catch up, but of course, THEN, she'll complain about me not having any money!

  2. Love your vicious circle! Sorry about the late reply - no internet for the week as I damaged the cable while doing some of the jobs mentioned above! To be fair my wife doesn't nag but that might be why I dont get many jobs done round the house!


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