Sunday 6 November 2011

New Back Door

Sorry this isn't a more interesting post!
My week at work has not been very taxing on my brain, but we've got quite a bit done fitting out shelves in 18 different cleaners cupboards along with some other jobs so its gone quite fast.

More jobs at home again! I decided that this weekend I would change the back door from the kitchen as its always looked a little rough and is single glazed.

Bread and butter work again for a carpenter but I've grown to enjoy hanging doors and chopping out hinges. I've also stained some more windows and started to paint the landing up stairs - I've been quite busy with all these jobs but I can't say why just yet, but it will make for a more interesting blog in the future if it all comes off!


  1. How's the jobs at your home now, Kev? Only a few people are like you: very passionate with carpentry and home repairs. I remembered my dad who shares the same passion as you do. Post some pics of the new back door, man! Cheers!


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