Monday 14 November 2011

Carving Chisels

I decided to have a bit of a tidy up in the workshop today (moping around as a fox killed all my chickens last night).
I brought a cheap Stanley toolbox the other day and decided that it would be good to keep all my carving chisels in one place. When I rounded them all up I was quite surprised by the number of them as this doesn't include my wood turning chisels or any of my normal everyday chisels that I use for work.
Some of them need quite a bit of work doing to them and I'd like to re handle quite a few of them but the ones in the tool rolls are all sharpened ready for action. None of them have cost me over a couple of quid but they have taken me quite a few years to accumulate (I've just remembered I've got another set of six tucked away that I wasn't happy with and not shown here).
55 here so far, ideally I'd like to have them in a big cabinet on the wall, but that will come when I get a bigger workshop!
Need to find more time to use them now! Anyone else got a nice set of specific tools that doesn't get used as much as it should (although they do get used!)?


  1. It's a bummer for the chickens. Nice collection you've got there. I have quite a few carving tools like that too. Same as you, many have cost little, but took a long time to collect.Interestingly, I probably use only about 1/2 dozen of them very regularly, for most sign carving and such. Most of the rest, I hardly us at all. But I like to have them there anyway. One day I'll also make a nice cabinet for them..and all the other tools...:-)

  2. Sounds like you need to invest in ssome good wire fencing. I've got several chisels, but not THAT many....yet.

  3. Joel - I find I always go to the same chisels as well, but it is nice having just the right curve on a gouge for certain projects so that way I can justify my collection!

    Gorges - The one pen me and my brother put up and its about 5 1/2 feet high with a top rail but it still got in! Better to invest in a few more shells for the shotgun I think!

  4. Sorry about your chickens mate, you could try making up some trusses and netting the roof this works a treat. When you see a tool that's the time to buy it, and even if you use it two years later you still needed it. That excuse works for me :)


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