Wednesday 15 February 2012

New Work Area

Today I had to plane some timber to the correct size for a little project I'm making.

In the old days that would involve going up the garden to my old workshop, cranking up the radio (and heater) and planning away. Now it involves fighting my way to the back of the container, pulling the planner to the front, rolling out an extension cable and doing all the work in the door way so I can see what I'm doing! I'm not complaining, but it does make me want to start to build my new workshop even sooner!Really glad all my machines are on rolling stands, with the smooth wooden floor of the container it makes them easy to drag to the front and then drag back again when I'm finished with them.

I'm also looking forward to building a chicken coop soon so I can get some chickens again - I've already got their first lot of bedding!


  1. Your shop may be small, but it beats mine (none)!

  2. I wasn't moaning though, as I have the space for much bigger! Most days when I work at peoples houses I set myself up a work area outside, normally just with a saw horse or two and a tool box to work off. I can get most things done like this (house building wise), but it is nice to have somewhere inside to work and store your tools.


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