Friday 12 October 2012

Fitting Fancy Fascia And Barge Board

This week we fitted some rather fancy fascia and barge board on the orangery that we fitted the roof to a few months ago.
Fancy barge board - there might be a large finial added at a later date
 The board are in sapele and made up of layers of mouldings and flat boards to get the overall finished look. The barge board is made up of 5 different pieces layered on top of each other - not to mention all the packing timbers that had to be fixed behind to get the layers right.
Picture showing the splay on the roof as well as the fascia that has one less moulding than the barge board
This wasn't a job we could rush, lots of mitres where the roof splays on one side and boxes out over the old roof on the other. I decided to cut all the mitres by hand as it was easier than running up and down the ladder to the mitre saw all day - I should have brought my Nobex saw with me but all my cuts were really tidy with just a swipe from the block plane. 
Boarding round the box gutter where it meets the old roof
I used sapele pellets to plug all the screws holes and now it's being prepped for painting (hence the silver colour of the wood!), which seems like such a shame when fitting hardwood.
Not quite so fancy!
 Today I also added fascia and barge board to the boiler house - not quite as complicated this time! Just simple ply soffits with everything else softwood (painted before it goes on). I saved a bit of time as I brought a table saw with me to rip all the ply down. I was really pleased to have it all on as fast as we did and every joint looking good.


  1. Nice work I really like the detail on the barge boards on the gable looks very nice can you tell me the spec of the timber used I would like to get mine done thanks

    1. I'm afriad I can't remember the spec of the timber now as it was some time ago. It was built up off the architects drawings using a series of mouldings. The timber was Sapele. sorry I can't be more help.


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