Friday 26 October 2012

Tall Skirting And Wide Architrave

Although we're going to be using standard skirting through the main house, in the master bedroom and dressing room we needed to match the existing tall skirting.
This consisted of a 9 inch high skirting (which in the past they would have made on site). We managed to find a simular moulding off the shelf and with a couple of cuts on the table saw I managed to make it match the top of the old skirting excatly. I then used my biscut jointer to join this to some 7"x1" PSE which I had already added a chamfere to.
Tall skirting with stop blocks
Fitting skirting is always interesting in an old house as it can be difficult to find a fixing and the walls can be far from great. Luckily these walls were lath and plaster on timber battens, so I spent a little bit of time finding the uprights and it gave me a good fixing without too much bother.
I added stop blocks to four external corners as these are the bottom of an arched opening which I've got to add a curved architrave to next week (more on this another time!), having the blocks gives the architrave something to stop into rather than being knotched round the skirting - A much tider job!

Nice wide architrave
Wide architrave
 The architrave I fitted is made from two seperate peices planted one on top of the other. I love this wide architrave, I think it really sets a door frame off, much better than some of the tiny modern stuff we end up fitting!


  1. hi key who is the sparky on site heard he is the best in the area possibly the best ever . cheers

    1. There's an old guy who really knows his stuff. I guess you must be refering to Bob?


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