Wednesday 20 February 2013

Lead Tools

I stumbled across this trio of tools the other day.
Lead beating tools I made back in 2005.
Homemade lead working tools
I made these so I could work on fitting lead roll mops to a flat roof on an old property we were working on in the Teme Valley.
Somehow buying these tools didn't enter my head. Instead I found some beech I had in my store and knocked them up in a night so they were ready for the next day. The bossing mallet was a little big (I only had a picture to go on) but it was still useful to "pull" the lead round corners, whereas the chasing chisel was great to get the lead tight into corners and edges - the ferule is a bit of 28m copper pipe to save the end from splitting.


  1. I doubt if it's legal to use lead here these days.

    1. Hi , I'm a lead roofing specialist and have been for 35yrs 25 of them as a self employed tradesman and can assure anyone that not only is it legal , it is after over 500 years of barely changing in technique , still the most reliable answer to weathering any flat roof , despite what anyone tells you . Its only drawback being the cost of installation - as any lead roof can last well over 100yrs!If done correctly its very cost effective and also recyclable !

    2. Hi lead work or lead roofing is perfectly legal and a very reliable way to weather all sorts of roofing applications , I should know iv'e been a lead roofing specialist for 35 yes 25 of which as an independent self employed tradesman , working on many an historic building sometimes for two to three years just on one building like the V & A museum , Royal Albert hall , houses of parliament, st. James' palace & Hampton Court of which still has lead roofs on it from over 2-300 yes ago . which would make it very inviromently friendly as it is also recyclable ! The only downside is the cost to install it

  2. My Uncle was one of the carpenters/wood artists at Broadlands...he had an amazing workshop full of all sorts of tools'd have loved it!
    Jane x


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