Monday 25 February 2013

An Old Wall Hidden

Not the most interesting post, but I always like to show what sometimes has to happen behind  a blank wall.
Pipework and rough uneven plaster work ment something had to be done about this wall
 The wall in this old house was out of level, the old plasterwork wouldn't provided a key to new plaster and there was pipework to box in.
The timber stud built around the pipework
I decided that the best course of action would be to stud the wall out. This would mean that the new wall would be level and it would also hide all the pipework and the new plasterboard would give the plasterer a much easier job to get a good finish.
All hidden!
Once all this stud work was installed it was time to plasterboard it so hopefully it's never seen again!
I've still quite a bit of work to do in this bathroom but it's only being done on the weekends so not as fast as some of my other jobs.

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