Monday 2 December 2013

Pre Finished Oak Floor

Last week we laid a pre finished oak floor from Travis Perkins and to be honest I'm quite impressed with how it looks when it's down.
 This is the floating floor type, laid on a foam underlay with the tongue and groves all glued together. Lots of beams and doorways to go round and oak skirting and beads made out of the same stuff, at the customers request but unfortunately the longest length was only 4ft so lots of joints!

The customer seems really happy with it. My only concern would be how long this "high" finish will last compared to my usual oiled finish, but when you're having to pay for labour this pre finish makes it a lot cheaper rather than having to pay me for a couple of days to sand, stain and oil the floor. Also it means that the furniture didn't have to leave the room whilst we were laying it, we did one half then moved everything over and did the other.


  1. It looks good but with that width it would look even better if the lengths were longer but that would put the price up a lot. They need to invest in pads of some kind on the furniture legs as the floor will probably scuff.

  2. They have made a huge and costly mistake. I give it two years,

    In my last house I did 220 square metres of flooring with this stuff. It went in easy over the foam and looked great. Pretty soon, though, we started to have problems. By the time we sold the house, I was glad to get out.

    Believe me, if you want a wood floor, save your pennies up and engage a decent carpenter and buy timber, not veneered chipboard, and then have it sanded and oiled.

  3. I've put down tons of the stuff and I agree it leaves a lot to be desired, but the customers are sold on it because it avoids the hassle of finishing raw wood and can be done a lot quicker and cheaper than the real stuf. I try to educate them about the options but more often than not they chose this pre-finished engineered stuff. But in the end we do what the customer wants if we want to put food on the table.

  4. It may depend on how "hard" they use it. Some folks might have it for years, while others could trash it in a few months.

    1. My kids put me in the 'Trash it in a few months' category!

  5. Some of those very small lengths do spoil the look a bit. But, as they say in the floor business "A thing of beauty is a joy for two weeks". Nice job though!


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