Saturday 4 January 2014

Little Kitchen Storage Solution

Today I built a little cupboard into a nook behind a kitchen. It wasn't a very deep space (about 220mm) but the customer wanted somewhere to store their wine glasses with their cook books on top.
It's a simple construction out of low cost 18mm MDF.
I first built the base and added the sides and divider, these were notched to accept the top supporting timber that holds it together and provided much need support for the shelf on top.
Kitchen hinges were used for the doors making it flush when all the doors are shut. 
Once painted I think this gives a very practical and low cost solution to utilising all the storage a space has to offer whilst still looking good.


  1. I better not let Annie see this, she will want one too.

    1. I think that pretty much everyone wants more storage! I'm starting to think when I do the extension on our house I'll probably build the kitchen from scratch but my wife is worried about time scale!

  2. Hi Kev, like your work on the blog and your introduction. We will need a carpenter towards the end of this year in Cheltenham would you travel our way and how do we contact you? Best wishes Julia


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