Sunday 30 March 2014

3 Simple Green Oak Frames

I had the job of making three oak frames this week. They were quite simple, two were simple sides and a top and the other frame had a middle upright in it. The timber I used was large though and the one was 6.250m long and 250mmx250mm, some quite heavy stuff!
 As the timber was so heavy this meant that I couldn't test any of the mortise and tenons so I had to make sure I knew they'd fit before we lifted them into place.
My stack to timber to work with

Cutting the tenons

Mortising the largest timber. The mortises were through mortises so I had to bore down from both sides.

My slightly damp work area

Adding the pins to the bottom of the oak to make sure it located properly on the concrete slab.

The first, smallest frame in.

Second frame

The third and largest frame. We lifted this in with straps and the 360 digger.

Considering I couldn't test the joints I was happy with the results.

Good tight joints are what I like to see.
Once we'd lifted all the frames into place I was quite relieved at how well they'd fitted! There is nothing worse when there is a group of you fitting your work if it doesn't go together well!
These beams will get sanded up and oiled before we're finished


  1. How come you did not make the top of the timber on the double garage door match the top of the stick framed wall like the single door? I'd have thought you'd want to make it flush with the top plate so you could then tie it all in together with a double 2x4 plate and have a single level all around. Other than the timber frame the rest for he stick built structure is identical to our typical construction except we would not use 2x4s wed use 2x6.

    1. The top is to have three timbers on it to tie it all together and to act as a ring beam.
      The other end of the building is built using 6x2 but for some reason the garage is built with 4x2s. something to do with not needing so much insulation so the walls don't need to be as thick. If it was mine I think I would have ketp them all as 6x2s so it's that bit stronger.

  2. Now that is some real wood, like what is in the old barns here.

    1. Real heavy wood! It should see me out anyway!

  3. Replies
    1. Cheers! Its heavy work but I always like it when it goes together well.

  4. Nice work kev I hope you had a forklift or was it a humph as we call it up here ;)

    1. All the uprights were moved by hand but the top pieces were lifted in with a sling on the 360 digger. I don't think any number of men could have lifted that long top beam on!


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