Sunday 25 January 2015

Shop Counter

This counter is one I built for my fathers firm back in the summer. I managed to get it painted a few weeks ago as they were moving into the office. It's being used now and it seems to work well. 
 The brief was a good solid top, shelves to store leaflets and an area to display them. I made the majority out of 18mm and 12mm ply. The top was doubled up for extra strength, and all edged so it could be painted to a good finish.
Tehmidle section. 3x2 stud sandwiched with 12mm ply. 

Starting to take shape. The Festool came into it's own on the project, allowing me to make straight cuts on the ply

Shelves all fitted in the main unit

A second unit to store manuals and other bits built to the side

Edging the top. I used 2x1 PSE for edging so it's nice and strong.

The unit finished ready for painting

Three coats of paint later it's all finished

A little side bar going off to one side as well.
A great project to build and I'll be interested to see if it works as well as we think it will.

1 comment:

  1. Sharp job there Kev. Looks like he is in the power equipment sales business?


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