Sunday 22 February 2015

New Wall In An Office

Not a very interesting post this one I'm afraid as I didn't take many photos but it follows on from the last post about the shop counter. When I'd finished building the counter we all decided that the second office was too big and the space would be better used as somewhere to display items for sale.
 So last week I went back and built a new wall out of 3x2 studding and clad it with MDF (so it was easy to fix things to) with insulation between, I then added a 2'9" door with a large glazed panel. 
Taking the old wall out was easy enough, although I was surprised as the metal studding used was welded together, something I'd never seen before, normally it's just held together with the plasterboard.
I gave it all a lick of paint when I finished and other than a last coat on the door the area is ready to be used. 


  1. Who says white painted walls aren't interesting?

  2. I know! A boring post even by my standards!

  3. I really like white painted walls.

  4. Now now boys, I know it wasn't that interesting but it was a work - I just forgot to take any photos of me building it!


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