Tuesday 2 October 2018

Basin Table

Lovely commission this week to make a small table for a basin to sit on in a bathroom. 

The work is to be painted so decided on tulip wood to make the table. Such a lovely easy wood to work with and also great because it takes a painted finish so well. 

I love making something like this where I get to take a few raw boards of wood and turn it into something beautiful. The heartwood also looks amazing on tulip although it can be very green at times!
I laminated the 50mm legs from two pieces to help keep them stable. The tops were jointed together using my domino.

I made the top and the shelf removable as I have no idea what the plumber will need to do to it and it's better if he can do that rather than butcher the piece!

I loved making this and it's not very often I get to make something freestanding rather than fitted.

What was the last freestanding thing you made?


  1. Hello kev, lovely table. I love working with tulipwood. Will the customer be painting the table? Look forward to the next post. Ashley

    1. Yes, they plan to paint it, I've told them not to mess it up! I need to go back next week and alter some panelling so they can fit in a unit in there.
      Thanks for your comment. I wasn't sure if anyone was reading this blog still or not!

  2. Thats ok kev i often read both your blogs. Will you be posting more on here. Ive always enjoyed seeing other woodworkers projects. Ashley

    1. I will try to. Now as I have two children at school and just one at home with me it's getting easier to do more work. I will still post some work things on the other blog as well - like the roofing I did this weekend!


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