Monday 14 March 2011

From Coppicing to Birmingham

I do like the variety that my life seems to bring.
The week before last I spent with my brother coppicing close to where we grew up, on a beautiful river bank coppicing trees as part of a grant program. My brother's a tree surgeon and it's always enjoyable working with him, I always seem to learn lots and its interesting seeing timber from a different perspective.
I even fell my first tree all by myself (with a chainsaw, this was before the axe course - sorry the posts aren't in order).
Then skip forward a week and I'm just taking on a job in Birmingham that's been offered to me. Luckily it's in the middle of a park (the only reason I agreed to do it - I can pretend I'm not in the city!) gutting and then restoring a turn of the century park keepers cottage into offices and mess rooms. I'm going to be on site as a working Foreman and a carpenter so it should bring more variety my way as well as a full diary for a couple of months. The place needs a lot of work but it's always interesting working on old properties - you never know what you might find. Also on a clear frosty morning the park looks quite nice. You'd never guess we were working in a city!


  1. Nice to see you working in the woods,as well as working with wood. The renovation-remodel looks intersting enjoy it.

  2. Axes, chainsaws, cross-cut saws and preserving old buildings? You, good sir, are a man after my own heart!


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