Saturday 26 March 2011

Garage doors and nuts

I've had another varied week. From demolition in Birmingham, to changing kitchen hinges and putting up notice boards in an office, to hanging a pair of garage doors for a neighbour across the road. Still keeps me on my toes.
I was quite please with the garage doors, a pair of door is always more of a pain than hanging two doors separately. Getting an even gap down the middle whilst keeping the gap even round the outside is enough to make you swear (especially if its an old frame your fitting to, like the one today). Still he was happy and I enjoyed hanging them, although it would have been easier if he didn't want butt hinges and would have had T-hinges instead. I even applied the knotting for him (as I could tell he probably wouldn't have bothered) and filled the nail holes in the door stop.
At wood turning this week I turned a Banksia Nut, my wife popped it in my shopping basket when we were in Axminster last week as she thought it looked interesting.
Interesting it was, but I'm not a hundred percent convinced, I think I like symmetry too much for me to love it. It was also dusty and horrible to turn, still it's something different and I'll get one over on my brother when I ask him what it is (unless he reads this first!)


  1. Glad I am not the only one who thinks doors are a PITA to fit and fix. I have done a few in the past and if I never do another one it will be too soon. Nice turning by the way.

  2. Banksia nut came out well,and the doors look good too a very tidy job .

  3. I've said before that door hanging is bread and butter work for a carpenter but I don't know another chippy who really enjoys hanging them! These wouldn't have been too bad if they'd been a bit smaller (and lighter) and the frame wasn't twisted!


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