Saturday 23 April 2011

Cupboard doors and wardrobes

Trying to juggle my own work whist being foreman on the Summerfield Park job can be tricky. The bank holiday has let me fit in a job that came up a couple of weeks ago whilst not missing any time on my other job.

The first part was to ease all the doors in the house as they'd just had carpets fitted, I did this in a morning (before going to a wedding much to my wife's annoyance) and then came back yesterday and today to do a couple more jobs.

The first was to alter the cupboard under the stairs. The door the house builder had put on was tiny making the space unusable so the plan was to cut a bigger opening and fit a new door. This was a much more awkward job than you'd give credit to! Still it looked good when it was done and it's the first time in years I've had to bisect angles (glad I still remember how!).

The next job was to make use of a small alcove in the second bedroom and turn it into a wardrobe full of shelves for storage.



The trouble with a new house is there is never anything to fix to, this makes putting shelves up difficult, not only that but you have to be extra carefully removing skirting - my new Multimaster earned its keep over the last few days! All they need to do is give it all a good coat of paint (I've filled all the nail holes and caulked up the edges for them) with no damage done to anywhere else.

The customers seem happy, they've already asked me to come back for more work and they gave me a bottle of wine as a tip!


  1. I'm a little distance off, but they look like good jobs from where I stand!

  2. More fine work, its always good to be asked back!

  3. Great those little multi-masters hey? Some nice work your doing there, and more to come by the sounds of it.


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